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Customer Agreement

This document sets out a legally binding contract between:

Linguae, a website property of "Internet Studios Spain SL", which is a registered and licensed company, offering an exclusive service of translations done by humans, representing Linguae and its corresponding website, hereinafter called "LINGUAE"
Legal persons and/or individuals that are interested in translation services that provides Linguae, and that henceforth will be referred to as "CUSTOMER".


The purpose of this contract is to specify the relationship between LINGUAE and the CUSTOMER.


The content of the general conditions is essential part of the contract, and should be considered by the CUSTOMER in order to be well informed in the moment he/she joins LINGUAE.

To become customer of LINGUAE, please read and agree to the following conditions:

1. LINGUAE is absolutely committed to providing the translation services to its customers complying with each of the conditions contained in this agreement.

2. LINGUAE is a service created to be an intermediator between customers and freelance translators via its website

3. This legal agreement is applicable regarding the translation service and any other service that is offered by LINGUAE and / or purchased by this website.

4. This agreement may be changed at any time by LINGUAE. The CUSTOMER will be notified of any change(s) of this agreement to his/her respective email-address. If the CUSTOMER does not agree with any new aspect and / or condition, he/she is free to cancel this contract.

5. LINGUAE is not responsible for the non-operability of the email address provided by The CUSTOMER and the non-delivery of notifications.

6. The use of this site and their services implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you disagree with any and / or all terms and conditions, please do not provide any information to LINGUAE and do not use the services of LINGUAE. If you continue using the services or this website afterwards, it implies the acceptance of each and every subsequent change of this agreement.

7. When you register yourself as linguae customer, you will be asked to create a personal profile. CUSTOMERS can creat an account for "natural or physical persons" and for "legal or moral persons". In case of “natural persons” your profile will include personal information (e.g. username, country, email, etc.). In case of a “legal person” you will have to add your VAT number (only if it's a European company) and the name of your company.

8. After registering successfully, you will become a member of our community. If you only visit the site without being a registered member of LINGUAE, you are still obliged to some of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

9. Both parties, LINGUAE and the CUSTOMER, can terminate this agreement at any time for any reason. The contract termination will become effective once LINGUAE sent the accordant notice to an email inbox provided by you to LINGUAE. The customer can terminate this agreement from his/her Linguae account without any previous notice. The termination will be completed within 72 hours after the moment he/she quits the contract. By terminating your membership LINGUAE will be free of any obligation, payment or reimbursement.

10. LINGUAE does not assume, nor will assume any responsibility for the use of the site and its services. The site is for your exclusive and personal use. Therefore it is not allowed to provide your username and password to other users, enabling third parties to use the service by your membership.

11. The CUSTOMER is fully committed to prepay the price of the translation service by any of the payment systems offered by LINGUAE. The translation services won’t be generated without any customer payment.

12. Once the customer’s document has been translated, the translator might communicate with the customer using a personal message board. Moreover, LINGUAE will notify the CUSTOMER via email. The CUSTOMER will be able to download the translated document from his/her linguae account.

13. LINGUAE is not responsible for the services provided by the translators. You acknowledge that LINGUAE is only an intermediator between you and the translator. Therefore, LINGUAE provides a private messaging panel to the CUSTOMER from where he/she will be assisted by the assigned translator, so that the CUSTOMER can communicate directly with the assigned translator.

14. The CUSTOMER can ask for corrections and changes regarding the translated document, informing the translator via the private panel within 72 hours after LINGUAE or the translator notified him/her, that the translation of the document has been completed.

15. The CUSTOMER has 72 hours to approve the translated document. If the CUSTOMER does not accept the document within 72 hours, the translated document will be automatically approved. According to that, at the same moment the CUSTOMER cannot demand any correction of the translated document anymore.

16. Under no circumstances, the CUSTOMER is allowed to transfer data or information contained in notifications and emails that LINGUAE sends him/her, to third parties for any kind of promotional reasons.

17. In case of scanned documents, the counted number of words might be imprecise. Thus LINGUAE reserves the right to update the number of words or might invoice the number of words of the translated document delivered by the translator. 

18. If the CUSTOMER doesn’t want to receive informational emails about LINGUAE, he/she can configure it from his/her own private panel. Besides the CUSTOMER can specify what kind of notifications he/she would like to receive or not.

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