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Translator Agreement

This document sets out a legally binding contract between:

Linguae, a website property of "Internet Studios Spain SL", which is a registered and licensed company, offering an exclusive service of translations done by humans, representing Linguae and its corresponding website, hereinafter called "LINGUAE"
Translators (freelancers), that are interested in providing translation services for LINGUAE, hereinafter called "TRANSLATOR."


The purpose of this contract is to specify the relationship, commitment and obligations of both parties.


The application of this agreement will be effective from the moment in which the TRANSLATOR is accepted by LINGUAE as an official translator of its community.

If you wish to register as a translator and provide translation services for LINGUAE, please read and agree to the following conditions:

1. During the registration process, LINGUAE will ask you initially to provide general personal information (like first and last name, address, username, email, etc.) in order to create your personal LINGUAE account. Afterwards we will send you an email to the address you indicated in the sign-up process. This email contains your personal password, which allows you to enter your LINGUAE translator account. Now you should add further information, such as language certifications, job references and additional important information which is required for our translator approval process.

2. LINGUAE will finally decide if your profile fits our requirements for translators and will accept or deny your application as an official Linguae translator.

3. LINGUAE reserves the right to terminate any contract with the TRANSLATOR by notification to his/her respective email address. This action will be taken by LINGUAE in case of a breach of any of these conditions. The contract termination will become effective once LINGUAE sent the accordant notice to your email inbox. Furthermore, the TRANSLATOR may terminate the contract. This will be effective once it is accepted by LINGUAE. Under no circumstances, the translator may resign and/or terminate this agreement if:
  a) he/she is responsible for a pending translation job
  b) the translated document has not been accepted by the client yet
  c) 72 hours haven't passed from the moment the translated document was sent to the client.


1. LINGUAE is a service created with the one and only purpose to be an intermediator between freelance TRANSLATORs and clients via its website

2. LINGUAE is obliged to provide information about the available translation jobs (pending translations) such as: prices, number of words and the deadline until which the job has to be finished.

3. LINGUAE agrees to pay the translator the fixed amount once the translated document is received and approved by the client or 72 hours after the translated document has been delivered to the client.

4. Under no circumstances LINGUAE will be responsible for errors in the final translation, such as inaccurate information that does not match with the original. In this case the translator won´t be paid.

5. LINGUAE does not commit itself to check the translations done by a TRANSLATOR, due to the fact that the TRANSLATOR by choosing a translation job, assures to be capable and competent to deliver an accurate and professional translation.

6. LINGUAE will pay the TRANSLATOR by bank transfer, PayPal or check.


1. The TRANSLATOR declares that he/she is legally and judicially of age and capable to consent to this contract.

2. The TRANSLATOR is committed to provide the translation services to LINGUAE respecting each and every of the conditions and obligations of this contract.

3. The Translator is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality concerning the document and any customer or document related information. This includes also any kind of storage of sensitive information.

4. TRANSLATORs are not allowed to work on two different translation jobs at the same time. We want our translators to focus on the translation project they're working on.

5. It´s responsibility of the TRANSLATOR to accept (or not) any of the available translation jobs (pending translations).

6. Once the translator accepts a translation job, he/she is fully committed to deliver it within the scheduled period of time. If a TRANSLATOR stops working on an assignment before finishing it accurately, LINGUAE will terminate the cooperation with this translator. Besides LINGUAE reserves the right to take legal actions.

7. TRANSLATORs have to send a valid invoice to LINGUAE.

8. TRANSLATORs realize all of their translation jobs as "freelancer", including all its characteristics, and will never do so within an employment relationship with LINGUAE.

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