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Si tienes problemas para ver tus traducciones en dispositivos Android, lo mejor será actualizar. Actualizar Android te beneficia de las últimas novedades que trae el sistema operativo de Apple, asi como mejoras en la seguridad, opciones y batería. Y en su última versión, la Lollipop, nuevo diseño en la interfaz, incorporando Material Design. Las traducciones hechas en dispositivos Android se verán mucho mejor con esta última versión.

Making a Freelance Translation Career Work for You

Working as a freelancer often requires more structure and organisation than one might assume. If you have worked as a freelance translator, you probably know that freelancing requires more work than just the translating itself. Still, working as a freelance translator can be a lucrative career and also give you a lot of freedom with your work/life balance. Working freelance is something you can do full-time, part-time or in addition to another job. Whether you are starting out as a translator or have years of experience, to be a successful freelancer there are a few things you should bear in mind.

Keep Looking

If you want to keep a consistent flow of work coming your way, you will have to continue look for work and market yourself as a translator. Don’t expect projects to fall out of the sky. You might be lucky enough to have a client or company that offers you repeating business. Treating your clients with honesty and respect will encourage them to come back to you again.

Push Yourself

As a freelancer, the good news is that you are your own boss. The bad news is that you are your own boss. That means that without anyone else to motivate you, you need to get on your own case. Commit to contacting a certain number of new clients or leads per month as well as following up with people you have worked for. And do it!


As a translator, you obviously already speak at least two languages fluently but you can still improve your language skills and abilities. Doing so will help to boost your confidence. You also might consider learning more languages to increase your marketability. You don´t have to move to another country to do so. For example, if you want to learn Portuguese London has many wonderful options for studying and practicing your skills. You can improve your Spanish in London with UIC or any of the city’s excellent schools. There are many ways for you to continue to grow.

Know Your Strengths and Develop New Ones

The more you know, the more marketable you will be. If you have experience in a certain field that can definitely be to your advantage. But you don´t have to be an expert in everything you translate. Be honest with clients about your background and experience but don´t be afraid to take on new kinds of topics and projects.

1 Dec, 2011

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Professional online translations

Dear customer,

Your are looking for English translation agencies? You need a qualified translator for a current translation job? You want top quality but your budget is limited? You need an instant translation service done by real human translators? You want to save time and money using short and easy processes?
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Linguae translations are of high quality, available at low costs and 24/7. We currently offer professional human online translation services for 38 language pairs and 22 proofreading languages.

Try and find out! - Your partner for professional translation services!

8 Nov, 2010

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LINGUAE launches German version is happy to announce that we just launched our professional translation platform in a
new website language: German

In addition to our initial website languages English and Spanish we now offer also a German version
of Linguae! The German version shall help German speaking clients and translators to manage their
activities at even more quickly and easily. We wish all our customers and translators to
enjoy our website and translation services weather in English, Spanish or German!

Thank you, Muchas gracias & Vielen Dank!


4 Aug, 2010

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Become part of our network

Dear Translators,

We are currently looking for professional freelance translators around the globe to join our
new and exclusive translation community.

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10 Jun, 2010

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Linguae Kick-Off

Dear Customers and Translators,

Linguae is very happy and proud to announce that very soon our translation community LINGUAE
will be launched!

We have been working hard to build a great platform that offers on one hand highly professional
and on the other hand affordable translation services to customers around the world! Our worldwide
network of experienced translators offers fast translation and revision services 24 hours per day
and 7 days per week!

Become part of our translator network or join our community as customer now!

Best regards,


10 Jun, 2010

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