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Refund Policy

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.
Therefore we do not only select our translators thoroughly and review the quality of the realized translation within our network, but also assure you a customer friendly refund policy. 

Communicate with "Your" translator.

To assure that our services satisfy your expectations as good as possible, we offer a free communication service between you and the translator.
This enables you to make comments, ask for changes and talk directly with the translator via a personal message board. 
  Customer Translator

If a translation doesn’t satisfy you.
In case that a completed translation job doesn’t satisfy you, an independent translator of our network will verify and correct the questionable translation.
If afterwards you’re still unhappy with the translation, we will return your expenditure in form of linguae credits.     

For further information about linguae, please visit our customer FAQs or contact us !

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