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Translation Services

The Linguae translation platform offers fast, low priced and highly professional online translation
services to companies and individuals. Upload your documents and a professional translator will
start working on your project immediately. Professional translation service quality for low costs!

Online translation services and reviews
In addition to the general translation services of all kind of documents, we also offer the possibility
to review translated documents in order to verify their accuracy by a second translator.

    Service overview:
     1) Online translation service 
     2) Online translation + review service
     3) Online proofreading service

Upload all types of documents (pdf, doc, docx, xls, txt, etc.) and even big files.
Free split function divides documents in several parts, processed by different translators.
Document(s) are translated very quickly and without a loss of quality.

Expert translations
Details about our online translation services for special areas (e.g. business translations, IT,
legal, PR, medical or email translations) done by experts of the field will be available soon!

   Find more detailed information about e.g. English, Italian, Russian, German, French and
     other online language translation services on the right.

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